Why did hanako kill tsukasa

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. . He had a perfect girlfriend, and he cheated,. . How did Hanako Amane die and how Tsukasa was killed. awwww the kags sister trope is literally one of my favorites, no cap thank you for sending in this ask. Time is fleeting though, and Tsukasa must come to terms with his feelings for Isla before her time is up. While he is called Hanako by Nene and Kou, Tsukasa is the only who calls him by his real name. X - .
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. Why did Hanako Kun kill Tsukasa It was all. Getting attacked w Tsukasa. Why does Hanako have a seal on his cheek The White Seal In the aftermath of Kou's fight with Hanako, he sealed Kou's staff with a tag.

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